Avani Mala

€159.00 EUR

An open heart is like a flowing river. It washes away worry, frees us from fear, embraces and empowers friendship, supports kindness and heals suffering with compassion and grace. Yet, an open or opening heart often seems like one of our most fragile and susceptible parts, one which needs to be hidden and protected. In a truly sacred context, this is partially true: nurture needs protection in support of one’s strengths, not one’s weaknesses; weaknesses need to be healed, not hidden.

Our fully-activated Avani mala protects the inner path to and from your soul and especially one of its preeminent doorways, your open and opening heart, from outside negativity and calms the mind so it is less likely to entertain negativity when it knocks.

Pendant size: 5.5 cm

Rare, authentic 4.5 mm Rudraksha, rose quartz, white silver pyrite, African amethyst, 9×12 mm amethyst nugget, strung on silk, silver brass Hamsa pendant.

Power / Benefits: Overcome Fear & Worry

Sanskrit meaning: Rivers

Length: 114 cm