Barhayati Mala

€159.00 EUR

All Creativity is deeply rooted in universal power, which is why your personal creativity is an integral part of the blueprint for manifesting the life you long for. For true success, greater and greater direct experience, familiarity and understanding of your own personal channels of creative power are invaluable.

Our fully-activated Barhayati mala helps you access and establish a deep shakti/divine power channel, which invigorates (and reinvigorates) your personal creativity.

With matched rudraksha, carnelian and gold pyrite, our Barhayati includes a very special 4-Mukhi Power Rudraksha and 22k gold vermeil Seed of Life sacred symbol pendant, all fully-activated.

4 mukhi power rudraksha, authentic 5mm Rudraksha, carnelian, gold pyrite, 22k gold vermeil pendant.

Pendant size: 2,5 cm

About the 4 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

Confers greater insight, creative intelligence & eloquence. Awakens and enhances artistic abilities, improves focus and retention of information, helpful in formulating and executing plans in order to realize one’s vision.

Power / Benefits: Influence, Charisma & Magnetism

Sanskrit meaning: Invigorate

Length: 122 cm