Bronze Dancing Shiva Necklace - Fancy Jasper

€89.00 EUR

The ZenStones ‘Dancing Shiva Necklace’ is lovingly handmade using premium quality 4 mm Fancy Jasper beads to create a stunning handknotted 18 inch beaded chain with a beautiful bronze dancing Shiva pendant.

Shiva: Worshiped as the destroyer and restorer of worlds, Shiva is the god of creation, destruction, regeneration, meditation, arts, yoga, and moksha.

Jasper: Jasper is known metaphysically as a stone of gentleness, comfort, and relaxation. When its protective energies are also considered, it's no wonder jasper is sometimes called the 'nurturing stone'. 

  • Full Chain Length: 46 cm.
  • Necklace Hanging Length: 26 cm (18" chain)