Wanderlust Mala Bracelet - Forest Green

€68.00 EUR


"Not all those who wander are lost." J.R.R. Tolkien

For those with a passion for exploring the world around us, the ZenStones Wanderlust Collection is a tribute to the magnificent beauty and nature that can be discovered throughout our journeys.

Inspired by the warm green and brown tones of the forest, the Wanderlust Mala Bracelet combines high-grade natural Czech Moldavite with dark Rosewood beads, and a handcrafted red bronze focal piece.

Moldavite: Commonly referred to as "the stone of transformation", Moldavite is believed to have been formed from the impact of a meteorite crashing into the Earth's surface. Found primarily within the Czech Republic, this olive-green colored tektite is renown for it's ability to initiate transformation, and accelerate one's personal and spiritual evolution.

  • Natural Czech Moldavite and Rosewood beads (6 mm)
  • Handcrafted red Bronze focal bead
  • Strung on durable elastic cord.