Vipassana Mala

€149.00 EUR

Using the powerful combination of Crystal Quartz and authentic Rudraksha beads, the ZenStones Vipassana Mala was designed with intention to aid in deepening meditation, mindfulness, and inner insight.

Selected specifically for their metaphysical attributes, each bead has been hand- knotted with love and intention using traditional techniques to create a garland of 108 beads above a stunning Crystal Quartz guru bead and forest green tassel.

Believed to have been taught by Buddha himself, vipassana uses breathing, combined with meditation and observation of the mind and body, to acquire knowledge of the true reality. Vipassana purifies the mind with the goal of eliminating all forms of attachment – both physical and emotional; focusing on anitya (impermanence), duhkha (sorrow or suffering) and anatman (the absence of a permanent self). When perfected, vipassana leads to prajna (liberating wisdom) and, nirvana (the ultimate state of enlightenment and freedom from suffering). As a result, equanimity, peace and inner freedom can be achieved.

SanskritVipassana comes from the Sanskrit vi, meaning “intense” or “powerful,” and passana, meaning “seeing”, and is often associated with the practice of insight yoga and mindfullness meditation.

Crystal Quartz: associated with the Crown Chakra, and enlightening all chakras; Crystal Quartz enhances energy and increases insight and clarity of thought, strengthening intuition and purifying the spiritual, mental, and physical, to focus your affirmations or prayers and increase spiritual wisdom.

Rudraksha: Sacred in many cultures, Rudraksha beads are commonly referred to as the 'tears of Shiva', and offer the wearer peace, clarity, direction, and protection against negative forces and thoughts. 

  • 108 Rudraksha and Crystal Quartz beads (6-7 mm).
  • Oval Crystal Quartz guru bead.
  • 24K gold plated Namaste charm, and Bali bead caps
  • Full Chain Length: 84 cm (33" necklace)
  • Mala Hanging Length (with tassel): 52 cm.

Wishing you peace and enlightenment as you go forward in deepening your practice.

Namaste, ZenStones