Fluorite Tranquility Mala

€108.00 EUR

Made with Rosewood and Fluorite, each bead of our Fluorite Tranquility Mala is lovingly hand knotted on silk cord, with a 12 mm purple Fluorite guru bead above a handcrafted cotten tassle.

Chosen for its metaphysical properties, Fluorite helps restore balance and order to the wearer's life, encouraging a more “go with the flow” attitude. When combined with the grounding qualities of Rosewood, this mala helps bring tranquility and peace through clearing the mind of distractions, cluttered thoughts, and negativity, and aids in harmonizing spiritual energy.

Fluorite: Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone. Best known for encouraging heightened mental abilities--putting thoughts in order and avoiding distractions--it's excellent for use in gaining clarity, cleansing the aura, increasing spiritual awareness, and maintaining focus during meditation.

Rosewood: Valued for its grounding qualities, Rosewood is believed to have a calming effect, shielding the wearer from negative energy, and aiding in spiritual well-being.

  • 108 Fluorite and Rosewood mala beads (6 mm)
  • 1 Fluorite Guru Bead (12 mm)
  • Full Chain length 86 cm (33.9 inches)
  • Hanging length: 50 cm
  • Tassle length: 7 cm