Lakshmi Puja Mala

€279.00 EUR

Lakshmi is the divine power of wealth, prosperity, abundance, and beauty. Hers is the power of ‘Giving’. She shares her gifts wherever she goes, like an ever-flowing river. She is magnetic, yet often elusive. The power of ‘puja’ lovingly commands on the energy it beckons. In return, the divine energy always, gratefully comes to confer its blessings. Activated through an ancient Shakti (soul power) process, the power of our Lakshmi Puja mala brings balance and peace-of-mind, freedom from fear & lack, and helps move you towards greater abundance in every area of your life. Our best-selling Lakshmi Puja mala is a truly elegant combination of rudraksha, amethyst, jade, citrine, pearls, and moonstones, with a 7-Mukhi Power Rudraksha as pendant bead, strung on 22k gold vermeil wire, and is long enough to comfortably drape twice around your neck.

Authentic 7mm sacred rudraksham, amethyst, jade, citrine, pearl, moonstone, 22k gold vermeil

About the 7 Mukhi Power Rudraksha

Confers wealth, abundance, prosperity & success in one’s endeavors. Overcomes worries & struggles, and protects from reversals of fortune. Increases the power of one’s authority as well as the ability to help others.