Peaceful Warrior Mala

€108.00 EUR

The ZenStones ‘Peaceful Warrior Mala’ is lovingly handknotted using quality Lavastone, Pyrite, Black Onyx, and Rudraksha beads combined with a beautiful Pyrite arrowhead pendant.

LavastoneA stone of strength and vitality. Used by American Indians when entering battle for strength and clarity. Gives stability (physical and mental) when facing difficult situations. A very grounding stone.

Rudraksha: Sacred in many cultures, Rudraksha beads offer the wearer peace, clarity and direction, and help shield against negative forces and thoughts. Named the 'tears of Shiva'. the smaller Rudraksha are the rarest and the most strong in energy.

Pyrite: As a mineral of manifestation, Pyrite helps to bring abundance into your life, increase vitality, help overcome bad habits, and promote good physical health and well-being.

Black OnyxWorks on the first chakra. Stimulates grounding, strengthens your focus and increases your attention to details. This mineral causes a gradual buildup of vitality while it focuses on positivity; aiding in mastering over the Self.

  • 108  Lavastone, Pyrite, Black Onyx, and Rudraksha beads (6 mm).
  • Pyrite arrow head pendant.
  • Full Chain Length: 84 cm (approx. 33 inches)
  • Mala Hanging Length: 46 cm (with pendant)