Shuddha Mala

€139.00 EUR

According to the great saints, awakening and consistently living your full potential results in Wholeness. The hidden power that structures balance, expertise from every angle, and integrity is given the name, Shuddha, 'purity'.

The power of Shuddha quickly moves you to know and live your dharma - your highest path - with clarity and intensity. Our unique Shuddha mala of 5.5 mm sacred rudraksham combined with aquamarine and crystal gems, finished with a stunning, elegant 22-carat gold vermeil guru bead, awakens that power in you - the true essence of Purity - which makes anything you’ve ever longed for or dreamed of…possible.

Authentic, rare 5 mm sacred rudraksham, clear crystal, clear topaz, 22K gold vermeil.

Full chain length: 82 cm (32 inches)

Power and Benefits: Clarity, Focus & Intention

Sanskrit meaning: Purity