Solstice Mala

€139.00 EUR

The ZenStones ‘Solstice Mala’ is lovingly handknotted using premium AAA quality multi-colored Moonstone and Sunstone beads with a stunning faceted Sunstone guru bead above a handcrafted almond and beige cotton tassel.

Moonstone: Symbolizing divine feminine energy, Moonstone has a reflective, calming energy, and is believed to help strengthen intuition while bringing balance and harmony with the All. It is said to have the power to grant wishes, and honors the Goddess in all women.

Sunstone: Believed to clear and energize the chakras, Sunstone instills good nature, heightens intuition, and allows your true self to shine confidently through. Helping to dissipate fearfulness, alleviate stress, and increase vitality, Sunstone also encourages independence and originality.

  • 108  moonstone and sunstone beads (6 mm).
  • Sunstone guru bead.
  • Full Chain Length: 81 cm.
  • Mala Hanging Length: 49 cm.