ZenStones Lotus Seed Mala

€118.00 EUR

Sourced from Bali, these beautiful dark brown lotus seeds have been individually handknotted on the finest lavender silk cord, and accented with a stunning sterling silver guru bead above a lavender cotton tassel.

Lotus Flowers: Although there are variations in what the lotus flower represents amongst different cultures and faiths, one common underlying belief is that this beautiful flower symbolically represents our connection to the Divine--the unopened lotus bud represents a folded yet pure soul that can, under the right conditions, emerge into the light and open itself to the divine truth.

According to Buddhist tradition, not only is the lotus flower one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols, but it's also symbolically expressed in mala prayer beads themselves; wherein the binding of the main cord of the mala with additional yarn symbolizes our connection to the Divine and the inherent oneness of all reality, and the tassel symbolizes the roots of the lotus plant--meant to remind the wearer of the analogy “no mud, no lotus".

These lovely beads glide elegantly between the fingers when meditating, and can be worn as a double strand necklace as well.

Though traditionally malas are made with 108 mala beads, we also offer the possibility of having this particular mala made as a half strand (54 beads). Special order requests for the half strand version of this mala can be sent to our contact email address.

  • 108 lotus seed beads (9-10 mm).
  • 1 handcrafted 925 sterling silver guru bead (10 mm).
  • Handmade lavender cotton tassel
  • Hanging length: 98 cm.