Pure Heart Mala

€108.00 EUR

The ‘Pure Heart Mala’ is made from small Rudraksha, alternated with Green Aventurine minerals of the same sophisticated size. Handknotted and anchored with a Green Aventurine pendant. This Mala resonates with the 4th chakra.

Number of beads: 2 x 108, hand knotted
Hanging length: about 61 cm, often possible to wrap twice around the neck 
Rudraksha size: 4 mm

Rudraksha: Offers the wearer peace, clarity and direction. Provides cooling to the body. Protects against negative forces and thoughts. Sacred in many cultures. Named the 'tears of Shiva'. The smaller Rudraksha are the rarest and the most strong in energy.

Aventurine: Excellent Stone for the Heart Chakra. It is a stone that brings comfort and balance to your life.

This unique piece of jewelry is lovingly handmade by Aum Rudraksha Designs in Bali.